I will be attending the Toronto Comics Art Festival tomorrow with Bento comics (Svetlana Chmakova and Leisl Adams.)  Many friends and colleagues are attending as well. I will be selling some screenprinted t-shirts, bookmarks, and pimping my sketching skill there. Bento is also selling our latest Holmes Anthology, and if you want a copy, better show up early, cause we have limited copies! Anyone who is in town should come and check it out!

Anime Detour this weekend. Catching up on the anthology with Bento. Class work. Kitty cats running mad. Will make up next week. Sorry folks!

This past week I attended a lecture of Mark Siegel from First Second Books. It was totally awesome. I think what touches me most is how he describes the ballerina story in “To Dance”. I think all of us have that experience of that “moment”, whether it is a moment of comprehension, the moment you finally know who you really are, or the moment you know it is love. I have wrote many stories and I think when I came up with “Strange Symmetery”, I knew I hit something. That was one of those moment. Funny enough, some editor knew it too and picked it up. Funny enough it did pretty well in trial run. And funny enough, 2 years have passed and I am still trying to find a new home after the Tokyopop fall out. I didn’t know why, not that First Second would ever publish manga works, but I had the impulse that night to give Mark my card. It was a weird sensation. I am used to sending works (submission packages) to companies or competitions, but never a face to face exchange. I felt vulnerable. And 10 minutes later on, I had another moment. I realized how important¬† “Strange Symmetry” is to me. And I will be reviving it. So, just hold tight. It will be back, regardless if anyone going to pick it up or not.

Meanwhile, in collaboration with Bento comics, something new is in the work. A one shot comedy. You know I am brain storming when my desk is a mess. So watch out, I just might make an appearance at some conventions this year.

Awesome!!! Magic Restore is now on Bento Comics. For those who don’t know about Bento, it is a comics site with some of the best artists/storytellers in the business today. You can compose your own anthology using the Lulu service and buy directly from them. I will load all finished chapters there for anyone who likes to make their own book. Pages will still be updating on this site regularly. I will eventually print the whole Case 01 as a collection on my own with color pages and sell them at conventions, but you will have to wait. Meanwhile, you can collect a variety of comics and put together your own anthology. It is quite an honor to be among this group of artists. I hope that will bring in new readers to both sites and everyone is entertained! Enjoy!

Woo–Hoo! SGMS is here! The weekend is filled with fun activities. If some of you don’t know what this is, you should definitely look it up. Here are some bad photos of the fashion show I took from my phone.