Well, this past weekend of New York Comic Con was a blast! Our Bento Comics table sold quite a bit of books, especially the Sherlock Holmes Anthology. I met a lot of great people, from editors to artists and Con goers. It was no less memorable than SDCC a couple of years ago. There are a few complaints, but let’s get to some pics first!!!

This is the moment before chaos. On Friday, we arrived on a rainy day, and everyone began their own set up. Meanwhile, Con goers slowly coming into the show floor.


couple of minutes later, the crowd took over.

Here’s our Bento table display. There were a lot of us showing stuff. The poster for our anthology certainly attracted lots of attention. Thanks to Myung Hee Kim, who did the cover of our newest book. Also showing is Tacto on the left, Queenie on the right, Svet was hiding behind the poster, Dan Hess, George Alexopoulos not in pic, and Leisl Adams. I also met the artist Rem who just came out with something new by Yen Press.

There were so many great costumes in the show, I didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures of all the great ones. But I stopped and harassed a few to post for me.

The sheer enthusiasm of the fans are amazing. Some of the costumes were so elaborated and incredibly made, I wonder how much they spent on them.

But among all of them, the one that took my prize of the cosplay award was this wonder?? woman:

If you don’t know how angry the fans were when Jim Lee redesigned Wonder Woman with her wearing pants, well… just check out this fan’s respond!

I am not much of a Star Wars fan, but toys have changed a lot since my star wars days…

And even I don’t watch Gundam anymore, just looking at the models make me drool.


One of the people at the artist alley I enjoyed talking to were Jose Calderon and Daphne Lage of Dream Weaver Press. I picked up some samplers from them. Their works are quite awesome.

After the con is over, I have some time to reflect on their new structure. NY Anime Festival is now swallowed up with NYCC. That is supposed to be a good thing. But the way they segregated the anime fans to level 4 of the convention center, clearly showed how they undermined Anime fans. Most of Anime panels were held on the last day. The artists alley were congested. Meanwhile, they have all these anime events and panels held at an open area with sunlight overwhelming the image projection.

That clearly shows the bias of the management.

Unlike SDCC, everything was much more integrated. Events were more exciting. Panels were not just about self promotion, but intended to share and to interact. NYCC, as fun as it was, I gave you the thumbs down for your small minded and unfair treatments.


Yes, yes! I will be there! Anyone who is interested to purchase some of my works, drop by at our Bento Comics table. It is NYAF table A13!

I want to thank you again to those who give a recurring donation. And recently, I received a generous one time donation from a reader, wanting me to draw more “Strange Symmetry”. The answer is yes. I would love to. However, I’m currently jammed with projects. So it won’t happen until mid October. I really appreciate your readership and your gift! Thank you.

Meanwhile, I’m rushing to finish off the first volume of “Magic Restore”, because I am going to be at New York Comic Con with everyone at Bento comics. So to those who could make it, please do drop by the NYAF section and say hello. We will be selling a lot of stuff. We won’t disappoint.

As you all might already know, recently I worked on a short manga with Bento comics called The Kami Kaze Couple, as part of the Sherlock Holmes anthology. We were selling them at Anime and Comic cons. While at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Svetlana and I were interviewed by the School Library Journal. Now the video is up. It’s so hard to watch myself on screen, so unnatural. I have to say… I am such a tool.


Woo-hoo! The trip to Toronto was a success! I was completely overwhelmed by how many people were there. Met some awesome people and had some interesting conversations. Seeing so much talented comic artists and their works make me realize how much more I needed to be doing with my own work.

I could never take a good shot of our table. There are always people standing in front of it. In the pic is Svetlana Chmakova and Lesil Adams from Bento, and sharing with us is Eric Kim on the right.

Lianne Sentar, ex-TokyoPop editor, invited us to dinner Sunday night. We were so busy eating and chatting that we forgot to take a photo of ourselves. So at the end of the night, we decided to take photos of each other taking photos. We didn’t have enough business cards to hand out after the festival, so I only know some people there and forgot the name of the others. I apologize. But attending, according to my info, are Lianne Sentar, JuYoun Lee, Svetlana Chmakova, Lissa Pattillo, Ysabet MacFarlane, Faith Erin Hicks, Tim and others…

It was a lot of fun, and keeping our fingers cross, we will do it again in NYCC, if we get a table!