Hi, this is Dennis Lo. “Magic Restore” is my newest web manga. I have won Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga 8 in the horror genre and also have launched a Pilot manga with them called “Strange Symmetry”. “Magic Restore” is a horror/action-adventure/detective drama, and it is rated for older teens. So if you are offended by violence and disturbing images, please do not read this. Otherwise, I hope everyone will enjoy my new creation. My other web manga “Guernica” is hosted on Wirepop.com, so please check it out as well!

Magic Restore

Naga Zykov owns a repair shop called Magic Restore. But what he and his employees restore are more than some broken antiques. Their biggest problem are Umbranites, beings from other dimensions, that have a taste for human souls. They come in disguise and they can delude us with their magic. Solving these cases for local cops usually is a walk in the park for Naga and his team, but a sudden surge of Umbranite activity gets the FBI involve. When special agent Celeste Benning comes knocking on the door with a homicide case, something more sinister begins to unfold.

About the Author:
Born into a family of graphic artists, I was introduced to paper and pen at a very young age. Although I used them as weapons to attack invisible enemies at first, I eventually drew something with them that was not half bad. Growing up with Anime, Manga, western Comics and Manhua, I developed an interest in sequential story telling. I swore to draw everything I had ever watched, from Sci-fi movies to TV shows. That resulted in stacks of sketch book comics which I promised never to show the world (That means my entire Star Wars movie collection, drawn with pencil in stapled sheets of 8.5″x11″ paper with all the characters only in frontal view and all the kung fu tv shows without one dialogue balloon). While my interest in fighting invisible villains eventually waned, my enthusiasm to create stories never did. Struggling between adjunct teaching, freelance illustration and design, and the demands of my two cats, I am an aspiring comic book artist/manga-ka.

For my other works:
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