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I will be attending the Toronto Comics Art Festival tomorrow with Bento comics (Svetlana Chmakova and Leisl Adams.)  Many friends and colleagues are attending as well. I will be selling some screenprinted t-shirts, bookmarks, and pimping my sketching skill there. Bento is also selling our latest Holmes Anthology, and if you want a copy, better […]

Anime Detour this weekend. Catching up on the anthology with Bento. Class work. Kitty cats running mad. Will make up next week. Sorry folks!

This past week I attended a lecture of Mark Siegel from First Second Books. It was totally awesome. I think what touches me most is how he describes the ballerina story in “To Dance”. I think all of us have that experience of that “moment”, whether it is a moment of comprehension, the moment you […]

Awesome!!! Magic Restore is now on Bento Comics. For those who don’t know about Bento, it is a comics site with some of the best artists/storytellers in the business today. You can compose your own anthology using the Lulu service and buy directly from them. I will load all finished chapters there for anyone who […]

Woo–Hoo! SGMS is here! The weekend is filled with fun activities. If some of you don’t know what this is, you should definitely look it up. Here are some bad photos of the fashion show I took from my phone.

Preparing for School Girl and Mobile Suit event. And switching server and website problem, so no update this week. Sorry folks!

With my recent health issues- herniated disc, updating 1 page Guernica and 2 pages of Magic Restore is just too much for me. I would love to offer more pages per week, but in order to pay my bills, I have to take on multiple jobs. And with a herniated disc, I have severe pain […]

Another year of San Diego Comics Convention coming to a close, and yet again I am missing the action this year. I was there back in 2008, and the pure energy of the environment is just amazing. From the moment my wife and I left the hotel at Chula Vista, the cosplay fans were everywhere. […]

I believe in free content. I have been making webcomics for years and I never care for making pennies per hit at wirepop. However, it is frustrating to only able to update once a week (or twice when I get lucky). So to move the story along, I have to do the unthinkable. Ha! A […]

Formerly known as Kakkoi Con, now M.A.C. (Minneapolis Anime Convention), was held at Double Tree Hotel in Minneapolis this past weekend. I love convention. Beside the activities like gaming, panels, and cosplay, I think it’s the sheer energy from fans that gets me excited. And having two cons in Minneapolis this year is just pure […]