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We have finally reached the end of volume 1. I want to thank you all for your support. Magic Restore will be on hiatus. All recurring subscriptions are suspended until volume 2 begins again. If you want a printed copy of volume 1, you can go to the eshop to purchase one. To read another […]

Yep! Strange Symmetry is back! First page loaded this week. Update will continue every Saturday. If you haven’t read the first chapter, come on over to to check it out!

Phew! It has been quite a hectic few months. While working on some illustrations, I was also helping out my friend Svetlana’s, working on Witch and Wizard volume 2. Now that the work is done, I can get back on drawing some of my pages. Recently, I did an interview with a new online magazine […]

To those who donated as a sustaining reader (recurring), I have sent out email to notify you to leave me with your current address. But if your paypal email is not updated, I might not have reach you. Please send me your address to get a free copy of the book. Thanks.

For all those who are interested in buying the first volume of Magic Restore, the eShop is now open! 218 pages with color inserts. The cost is $20+ shipping. Rates depend on where you live. I am only accepting paypal at the moment. The book will ship as soon as I receive the order. Be […]

Well, this past weekend of New York Comic Con was a blast! Our Bento Comics table sold quite a bit of books, especially the Sherlock Holmes Anthology. I met a lot of great people, from editors to artists and Con goers. It was no less memorable than SDCC a couple of years ago. There are […]

Yes, yes! I will be there! Anyone who is interested to purchase some of my works, drop by at our Bento Comics table. It is NYAF table A13!

I want to thank you again to those who give a recurring donation. And recently, I received a generous one time donation from a reader, wanting me to draw more “Strange Symmetry”. The answer is yes. I would love to. However, I’m currently jammed with projects. So it won’t happen until mid October. I really […]

As you all might already know, recently I worked on a short manga with Bento comics called The Kami Kaze Couple, as part of the Sherlock Holmes anthology. We were selling them at Anime and Comic cons. While at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Svetlana and I were interviewed by the School Library Journal. Now […]

Woo-hoo! The trip to Toronto was a success! I was completely overwhelmed by how many people were there. Met some awesome people and had some interesting conversations. Seeing so much talented comic artists and their works make me realize how much more I needed to be doing with my own work. I could never take […]